Archaeology In Washington, Volume VII


  • Precontact Use of Tundra Zones of the Northern Cascades Range of Washington and Britich Columbia – (R.R. Mierendorf)
  • Management and Protection of Archaeological and Other Cultural Sites on the Hanford Cultural Landscape – (P.R. Nickens and M.K. Wright)
  • Bob’s Point: Further Evidence of Pre- and Post-Mazama Occupation in the Dalles Area of the Middle Columbia River Valley – (R. Minor, K.A. Toepel, and R.L. Greenspan)
  • Recent Archaeological and Geomorphological Investigations in the Grand Coulee Dam Reservoir, Northeastern Washington – (G.D. Hartmann and S. Gough)
  • On Gold Mountain: Chinese Vernacular Architechture and Two Dragon Camp – (D.D. Myers)
  • The Experimental Reduction of Rock in a Camas Oven: Towards an Understanding of the Behavioral Significance of Fire-cracked Rock – (D.C. Wilson and D.V. DeLyria)