Archaeology In Washington, Volume V


  • The Search for the Cathlapolte Village: Archaeological Investigations at 45CL4 in the Lower Columbia Valley – (R. Minor & K.A. Toepel)
  • Shades of Gray: Lithic Variation in Pseudobasaltic Debitage – (E.F. Bakewell)
  • The Ideology of Gender in the Plateau – (L.A. Ackerman)
  • Results of a Subsurface Archaeological Survey on A Pliestocene Terrace in North Cascades – (R.R. Mierendorf & D.J. Harry)
National Park Service Complex
  • An Improved Photographic Procedure for the Enhancement of Rock Art Images – (J.W. Henderson)


  • An Interim Report on the West Point Archaeological Site Complex: 45KI428 and 45KI429 – (D.E. Lewarch, L.L. Larson,E.W. Bangs, J.H. Forrest, Jr.,& L.S. Phillips)