Archaeology In Washington, Volume II


  • Paleoethnobotany and Plateau Research – (B. Bicchieri)
  • Heat Treatment and Lithic Technology at Two Southwestern Washington Sites – (E. Bergland)
  • Tualdad Altu (45KI59): A Prehistoric Riverine Village in Southern Puget Sound – (J.C. Chatters, D.E. Rhode, & K.A. Hoover)
  • Fish Remains from the Black River Sites (45KI59 and 45KI51-D) – (V.L. Butler)
  • Forgotten Forts: Spanish Military Outposts in the Pacific Northwest – (R.G. Whitlam)


  • The Search for the Hudsons Bay Dock: Field Report of an Underwater Survey – (A.T. Stenger)


  • The Duwamish No. 1 Site: 1986 Data Recovery – (L. Moss)