Archaeology In Washington, Volume I – SOLD OUT


  • Resource Intensification and Sedentism on the Southern Plateau – (J.C. Chatters)
  • Identification of Archaeological Research Topics and Questions for the Downtown Seattle Transit Project – (R.M. Weaver)
  • Prehistoric Upland Land Use in the Yakima Folds Region of the Western Columbia Plateau – (J.R. Benson & D.E. Lewarch)
  • Prehistoric Upland Occupations in the Southern Washington Cascades – (C.A. Mack)
  • Alpine Obsidian Procurement in the Southern Washington Cascades: Preliminary Research – (R.H. McClure, Jr.)
  • The Interior Tramway: Wheat Transportation in the Snake River Canyon of Eastern Washington – (M.J. Root)
  • Archaeology and the Aquatic Plant Program: Findings at the Osoyoos Lake and Box Canyon Reservoir, Pend Oreille River – (L.V. Salo)


  • The Duwamish No. 1 Site: 1986 Data Recovery – (D.E. Lewarch)
  • The Cowlitz Falls Project: 1979 – 1987 – (G. Thompson)


  • The Wells Reservoir Archaeological Project, Washington, Volumes 1 and 2 – (C.M. Aikens)