Professional Research Grant

Association for Washington Archaeology (AWA) Professional Research Grant

Purpose: To facilitate research in the field of Archaeology in the State of Washington.

Eligibility: This grant is available to any professional archaeologist engaged in research relevant to the archaeology of Washington.  The recipient must submit a description of their work to the AWA Newsletter, describing the results of the funded project.  Accepted expenses include laboratory analysis, curation expenses, or other justified costs.

Amount and Schedule:  One Professional Research Grant will be awarded per year, of a maximum of $500.  The Award Year begins March 1 and ends the last day of February the following calendar year; an announcement of awards made by applicants during the previous Award Year will be made at the AWA General Meeting at the NWAC.   If an acceptable application is not submitted during a year, that money can be added to the following year’s grant.

Selection Criteria:

Provide evidence for the following:

1)    Need for funding.

2)    The research is relevant to the archaeology of Washington state.

3)    Personnel/ability to complete the project.

Submit completed proposal to:

Robert Kopperl
Association for Washington Archaeology
c/o Curator of Archaeology, Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture
Box 353010
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195-3010

Or email:

Title of Study:_________________________________________________________________


Funds Requested:______________________________

Signature of Researcher:_____________________________  Date:_______________________

Name (Printed/Typed):___________________________________________________________

Email Address:_____________________________Phone:_______________________________

Address:  ______________________________________________________________________

Duration of Project:  Beginning Date: _____________  End Date:_______________ (12 month max)


Project Description:  Please provide below or on separate pages (two pages, maximum) a narrative of your proposed research project, including goals and objectives, relation to previous research and relevance to archaeology in Washington State, how specifically the funds will be used, and any additional funding sources that may be received.