Consultant List

The following businesses/individuals have requested inclusion in the Association for Washington Archaeology (AWA) Consultant List as providers of archaeological and/or cultural resource management services.  AWA does not endorse, recommend, or assume responsibility for the work of any consultant, listed or otherwise.  Anyone using the Consultant List assumes full responsibility for confirming the consultant’s professional qualifications, performance history, and references and for fulfilling the terms of a professional services contract.

Link to list:
I acknowledge the above disclaimer by proceeding to the list.

To list your company with AWA:
Please email or snail mail the following information to Mary Rossi, AWA Director-At-Large, at
or Eppard Vision-APT Program / PO Box 5914 / Bellingham, WA / 98227-5914:

  • Company Name
  • Primary Contact Person
  • Primary Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Alternate Contact Person (if applicable)
  • Alternate Email Address (if applicable)
  • Alternate Phone Number (if applicable)
  • Website Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Brief Description of Services (please limit to 100 words or less)
  • Is your institution (i.e. government agency, corporation, or institution) currently an AWA member?  [Institutional members (dues are $40/year) will be given primary listing in the first section titled “Current AWA Institutional Members;” non-members will be listed in the second section titled “All Other Listings.”  Please note that Individual memberships are different from Institutional and do not qualify for primary listing.]

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