Letter From the Past President

Hello Fellow AWA Members,

Hello from your new AWA President.  Like most volunteer associations, AWA functions through the energy and good will of a core group of committed individuals.  We all have seen similar people in school PTSA organizations, Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout Troops, Girl Scout troops, sports teams, middle school and high school band and language interest groups, and other organizations.  The same folks seem to step up for the greater good, and make a difference.  Tom Becker and Pat McCutcheon each served four years as AWA President.  Gary Wessen just completed an amazing 10 years on the AWA board.  Many officers and board members have served multiple terms.  It seems as if it was my turn to join the AWA leadership team.  (Note: I was the only one who offered to run for President).

I am impressed (and somewhat overwhelmed) by the expertise and energy of the AWA officers and board members.  E-mails began zipping among the AWA leadership team just a day after the Northwest Anthropological Conference ended. Alex Gall sent out minutes from the Friday AWA general meeting, Mary Rossi had budget information and suggestions for an e-mail ballot, and Mark DeLeon and Faith Haney followed up with details to send out an e-mail ballot for board positions.  These folks have worked hard, and continue to excel, behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly.

AWA leadership has important issues to address, such as taking over the job of maintaining and updating the list of qualified professional archaeologists that had been a function of the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation. I am confident that the new board will continue the tradition of outstanding service established by previous AWA boards.

Dennis Lewarch


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