Board Meeting Minutes: January 14, 2012

AWA Board of Directors Meeting, January 14, 2012, Grant Co. PUD office, Tukwila, WA.

Present:  Dennis Lewarch, Faith Haney, Ross Smith, Bob Kopperl, Mark DeLeon, Alex Gall, Mary Rossi, Nancy Kenmotsu, Stephenie Kramer.


–        Minutes Review from previous board meeting (October 2011):  Approved unanimously.

–        Ross’s Treasurer’s Report

As of 1/14/12,    Checking = $1802.00

Savings = $6220.61

Total = $8022.61

Membership:  107 reg/27 student members for 2011; 10 reg members for 2012

-Consultants List hosted by AWA, Membership Issues

Began discussion with Mary noting her update and request for application information in the last AWA Newlsetter.  Mary noted that Umatilla have already responded with their info for listing.  Mary is willing to be the clearinghouse for applications, and will send their info to Faith for posting on website on a quarterly basis.  Faith noted that the disclaimer will pop up prominently before consultant list is accessed.  Companies will be listed alphabetically by company name.

Dennis suggested we bring hardcopies of application form to NWAC for more firms to sign up.

All agreed that the new AWA list should start from scratch without automatic carry-over from DAHP list.

Regarding listing Tribes that offer consulting cultural resource services, Nancy noted that all Tribes in Washington receive the AWA Newsletter in an ex-officio sense.

Regarding membership categories that would get an asterisk on the consultants list, Alex asked the distinction between institutional membership versus individual membership – he noted he can’t serve on the Board if he had an “institutional” membership.  Ross noted that several company PIs have let dues expire.  Nancy said she took non-payers since 2008 off the AWA email list; Tom Becker did a reminder initiative last year for renewing membership.  Ross said he will send reminder to those who’ve let their membership lapse after the NWAC meeting.

Faith noted that the access involves clicking a link from the disclaimer page, sending the viewer to an html page of the list (not a pdf, since that could be accessed without going through disclaimer via Google or another search engine).  List updates can be cut and pasted from MS Word files.

Alex motioned that AWA institutional membership for a consultant will allow asterisk on list.  Mary seconded, all approved.  She will place on application form “Is your institution currently an AWA member?” and if so, they will get asterisk.


-NWAC Business Meeting, at the NWAC 15-17th at CTUIR

All agreed that we should have the consultants list ready to go by the time of the meeting, and be ready to address issues raised regarding the student/professional grants.

Dennis also noted that we’re booked for a room for our general meeting at the NWAC.  Dennis handed out Carey Miller’s data on beer volumes and prices for our business meeting.  Bob noted that a full keg should be plenty given the turnout and consumption at the last meeting in Moscow.  Bob motioned for an order for one keg of Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Faith seconded, all approved.

Silent auction:  All agreed that we should get two tables at the Book Room instead of one to accommodate silent auction items and old journals for sale.  Dennis said he will email the membership list in the next few weeks about contributing items for the auction, and Nancy said it could be mentioned in the upcoming AWA Newsletter.

Mary broached the subject of an AWA-sponsored workshop, and the Board discussed past topics, the student-focus.  Alex mentioned his recent experience with damage assessments and monetary valuation of archaeological material, and the process becoming more commonplace.  Stephenie concurred.  It was noted that Tim Canaday previously presented on ARPA violations process.  Mary suggested a panel, but it was also noted that NWAC symposia proposals are due January 31st.  Stephenie said she could incorporate what she was going to present anyways at the conference on the DAHP civil penalty program, and Alex said he could discuss damage assessments and his recent experience.  Bob noted that Mike Shong at the NWAC/SWCA office had similar experiences.  Mary agreed to coordinate.

-Journal update

Guy Moura sent an email to Dennis noting that nothing new has been submitted and he has little or no time to pull together the next volume.  Dennis offered to take the manuscripts and go from there.

Redaction: Paula has redacted Volume I and took a lot of it out.  Stephenie noted that DAHP only requires redaction by state agencies, since they’re public information unless specifically exempted.  Changing site name to site number may help.  Dennis said he will email Paula’s redacted version to the Board.  Mark suggested just making non-redacted versions available to members within a password-protected part of the website.  Faith noted that the AWA website isn’t set up to handle passwords, etc, at this time.  Dennis noted that we need some resolution to this by the NWAC.

-Student/Professional Research Grants

Mark likes the idea of widening the categories of applicants, others concurred if doing so would make it more effective and promote giving awards more regularly.  Ross noted that advertising the award is still critical and needs improvement.

Per Paula’s suggestion in last Newsletter, the Board unanimously agreed that an Archaeological Opportunity Grant will be created that reconfigures present student/professional dichotomy into grants awarded up to $1000 within a given year, available to members only.  All Board approved bringing up this proposal for a vote at the general meeting.


Faith needs photos of people doing archaeology, with captions – please send to her!  Otherwise, it’s going OK.

-CRP Summit

Mary requested AWA sponsorship for this year’s event, May 22 and 23.  AWA donated $250 in the past.  With $500 this time, we’ll get one registration for one of us to attend.  We also get AWA logo on program, and Dennis will have AWA membership forms at the event.  All approved $500 sponsorship.

-DAHP Legislative Update

Stephenie noted that the 60-day legislative session has started and several bills or parts of bills are being worked over that pertain to archaeology:

SB6130 – SEPA bill modification; it’s a reaction by many cities and other municipalities and will allow local governments to write a SEPA checklist, use their own ordinances, etc.  Fitzgibbons is the lead.  DAHP is trying to keep cultural resource-specific provisions out of bill.

House Bill – Another bill will widen SEPA exemptions for electrical facilities and maintenance on facilities, another will exempt habitat restoration projects.

SB6057 – Rock collecting bill, allows collecting on State Parks and DNR land, and specifically mentions obsidian and cryptocrystalline silicas as collectable rocks.  It does mention artifacts are not allowed to be collected, but it still raises a concern to DAHP (and to the Board).

Stephenie also noted that the state budget is not an immediate concern right now, but the “hole” is still there.

-Upcoming SAA meeting

Bob noted his experience attending the Council of Affiliated Societies meeting at the SAA last year in Sacramento.  Asked if any board member will be attending this year’s SAA in Memphis.

Nancy will be attending, and agreed to attend the COAS but will be busy during the Council of Councils meeting also at the SAA.  Dennis said he’d solicit the membership for someone attending to represent AWA.




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